Though it is essential in rainy day, it’s very uncomfortable to bring into a room. What about bringing indoor without any worry of loss or pollution

Smart Umbrella is a new concept umbrella released under the brand “Mohock” developed by Jatae International Inc. It has passed 4 years since its development until first release, so we could get a satisfactory output through thorough efforts. Since 2010, it began to be known by participating in major expos. Currently we export it to Netherland, Russia and Japan and expect higher appreciation in global market through continual R&D and improvement.



Smart umbrella, released under the brand name “Mohock”, was developed to improve the defects of existing umbrella for its frequent loss, damage or pollution. It can handle rain effectively with a waterspout handle and can be hung on the table as it stands. As it has less worry of pollution, you can comfortably select various colors.